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Investments & Startups Services

Invest in Sri Lanka is becoming more and more attractive than ever before. Local and foreign investors have identified the potential. The government initiatives, strategies embarrassed, the policies implemented and introduced made local and foreign investors feeling safe for investments. Policies like total foreign investment permitted, No restrictions on repatriation of earnings, fees and capital. Constitutional guarantee of foreign investment are few of many reasons to invest in Sri Lanka.
Moorland consultancy will support you or work on behalf of the investors in setting up the Business. It is very much simple.

Getting Your Business Registered

Newly introduced web based business registration facilitates the registration process for local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors. The process of registering is simple and the steps are as follows

1. Obtain a business Name
2. Local resident secretary
3. Local address as registered address
4. Complete the registration application
5. Articles of association comply with the Sri Lankan regulations
6. Complete the registration and obtain the business registration number and the certificate

Opening Local Bank Account

The account opening is govern by the regulations of he Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Following accounts are most suited for foreign investors.

Inward Investment Account (IIA)
Outward Investment Account (OIA)
Business Foreign Currency Account (BFCAs)
Capital Transaction Rupee Account (CTRA)
Resident Guest Foreign Currency Accounts (RGFCAs)

Registration for tax

This registration is to get the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from the inland revenue of Sri Lanka. Completed application has to be submitted with the set of supporting documents.
The company is liable to pay the appropriate tax such as Income tax, Value added Tax (VAT) (S-VAT), Economic Service Charge (ESC) etc.

Registration for EPF/ ETF

As per the central Bank regulations regardless of the nature and the category of business, an employer of even one employee is legally bound to pay contributions to the Fund.
There is no special registration Scheme at ETF. The employers will automatically register with the ETF by paying their 1st contributions payment. But the employer must submit their EPF number when making payments.


Depending on the type of business there are licenses to be taken from respective department satisfying the set standards and/or practices.

Investments in Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

The key to a successful Acquisition is having the correct information in all facets of the business. Market research data, financial reports and other information will give a good picture but we offer information beyond those.
Our expert consultants would certainly provide an insight and a risk return assessment of the future.
For a joint venture finding a reliable and trustworthy partner is an utmost requirement.
At Moorland consultancy we support in finding or assessing a party that suits you the best. Legal advice and support would also be provided in completing the transaction.

Moorland Engineering


The team of mechanical and electrical engineers joined with us are capable of the installation of machinery to fault finding and resolving the problems. We could provide, improvement to key process, improve process control and standardize the processes. We could recommend a complete maintenance schedule in line with the manufacturers recommendations.


Our automation engineers are experienced and has the expertise knowledge in the field of Automation we provide solutions for assembly, testing inspection and etc. Also SCADA systems for inventory improvements.


As an industry construction is picking up at very fast rate.
Building and road construction, We are actively engaged with civil engineering projects. From design stage to finishing and handing over. As we closely working with the giant in Sri Lankan construction industry the scope is unlimited.
Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP),Our work in the field of electrical engineering covers consultation of turn-key projects to design of simple panels. We have qualified and experienced electrical engineers. Also we are working closely with leading electrical engineering manufacturers. We have mechanical engineers to consult on the mechanical and Plumbing component of the construction.

Mining, Mineral and Processing

We provide support and guidance on the extraction of Minerals and setting up facilities in processing.
Here several licenses and approvals are mandatory with no exceptions. We prepare the necessary documentation and work according with the registrations.
Investors are encouraged to do the processing and also do value addition.

Energy & Renewable Energy

Sustainable, renewable energy where we look into the upcoming projects and closely working with the project from the design stage. Our renewable energy partner is the leading local company and they are very much flexible and because it’s a holding group of companies the stability of the company is not in question.
Property owners are offered a rental model as well as complete customer Investment model. Also participating in tender process for the company and on behalf of joint ventures.
Investors could either work on complete project or partner with a local company. Either option Moorland Consultancy could assist.

Moorland Analytic


Here there is huge potential for start-up companies. With the restrictions and limited travel. e- commerce would be much beneficial for local and foreign trade.

Corporate Communications

Moorland Consultancy will support in building the brand and it’s presence by finding the target audience and deliver marketing contents. we create marketing contents our innovative promotional offerings, online and offline marketing campaigns, and marketing events will boost the brand

Moorland Projects

Water Supply & Drinking Water

We at Moorland consultancy identified the potential of readily available drinking water for the public in the coming years. Improved water supply and better management of water would boost standards of life.
We recommend and consult public-private partnerships, community managed systems and social enterprises in providing water.
We are closely working with the leading pump manufacturer.

Moorland Herbal


We mostly be involved in providing our services for the processing of agriproducts. Our engineering know how is put on to test in providing solutions to many questions. Value addition is an area the local development committees are much interested. And we recommend investments and we coordinate investors with the resources available.
For the successful projects the land would be available for farming with the government encouraged initiatives.

Moorland Leisure

Outbound & Inbound Tourism

As there is an immense possibility in the field outbound and inbound tourism. Our Network of individuals and clients has contributed, coordinated and facilitated investors.

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